Friday, 25 March 2011

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

student feedback

- good use of handheld shots
- good editing techniques to create cctv camera effets - creates suspense
- good music, helps create suspense
- entertaining made interesting by acting and music
- good camera shots
- good editing
- good black and white effects on cctv shots
- music heartbeat was good
- music suited the film

- storyline could be clearer
- camera work unsteady
- music could of flowed better, didnt completely link with action, music stopped as action got intense

Monday, 21 March 2011

final thriller piece

This is our final thriller piece. The finished product.

Friday, 18 March 2011

techniques used whilst editing

we used a number of different editing techniques to try to create a conventional thriller with eerie shots to go with the disturbing plot. To do this effectively we have used 'de-saturation' on all of our cctv shots to show a clear distinction between a cctv and a normal shot. We also added 'noise' and 'vignette' to distinguish clearly when it is a cctv shot.
We used text captions and added layers to display a moving time along side the shots. This made the shot look more realistic as a CCTV shot, so upon viewing the audience will have a clear understanding of what is going on.
When creating and editing our music to fit the sound track, we decided to make the music quite up-beat and bouncy. Although the contents of the filming was quite dark, we decided the contrast was quite effective. This is therefore why we decided to incorporate contrapuntal music.

changes made to our thriller

we decided to change the order in which we displayed some of our shots. Originally we had chosen to begin the film with a CCTV shot zooming towards a dead body. However due to not updating our storyboard efficiently we forgot to do this on the day of filming, as this idea was only posted on the blog which we could not view from the filming location.
Our aim by changing the order of some of our shots was to make the storyline clearer to the viewer.

Monday, 14 March 2011

After viewing our responses to the opening, there are a few things we will be looking to change.
We need to finish editing certain clips to give a consistant effect where needed such as our CCTV.
Also we will look to decrease the volume of diagetic sound, thus making our music more over-powering.
We will try to fit the music more to the visuals. This will make the scene more easy to follow and help to build suspense effectively. Such as dropping the beats of the music and editing the clips to fit it.
We will also make credits for our video and add a title.

Rough cut feedback

Group 62
The camera angles and shots were really good, such as the hand held effect looked good and the editing was well done and the effects were good as you could tell it was CCTV due to the misty edges. However, there were not credits, production logo and title, which you will need to add.
not all of the music went with the action, the diagetic sound sometimes over rides the clip for example the wind.


We thought the music choice was good and fitted the video well. We see the protagonist in peril and we see the antagonist being evil. we believe that you need to improve the storyline as it is not clear whats hapenning and this can be confusing.  The conventions are met well and the effects used e.g. black and white worked well.

Rough Cut Evalution

  • Narrative was confusing.
  • Shots could have been held more steady.
  • No opening credits or dialogue.
  • Little detail about characters
  • Music was quiet, too much background noise 
  • No titles saying roles of people in the project/who is in it. 
  • No name of the film?
  • Feels like middle of the film, not opening.

S1-66 Feedback

-  Good use of music, it sets the scene.
- Good use of different filters and effects.

- One or two of the shots are a bit too shaky.
- Why is he recording it on his phone?
- Some of the shots could have been framed a bit better.
- No mention of the name of the film, so it doesn't feel like an opening.
- No production company logo/animation.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Research on how sound is used in the openings of thriller movies.

Most thrillers tend to use the same sort of music for the opening part of the movie. The sound tends to involve tense music and special effect sounds.


Typically, the music used will start with a slow tempo and fairly quiet, as the opening scene progresses the music will normally gradually get louder and faster paced. Reasons for this are due to the fact that typical thrillers will usually give the viewer an insight to the action that will occur throughout the thriller in the opening sequence: This is the case for most thrillers. However, crime and action thrillers tend to have a faster paced start that psycological thrillers. The music will have to suit the mood and the tempo of the acting. For example a crime thriller will usually show the build up to the crime and maybe the start, however a typical convention would be to not show the whole crime, as this will be shown later in the film, in contrast: Another typical convention would be to show the murder and maybe use the rest of the film for investigation and solving the murder. Therefore, he music used in the opening sequence will have to keep the audience engaged and interested.

As part of our research, I will be analysing various opening sequences of thriller movies and stating why I think that the music and sound effects have been used.

Resevoir Dogs:


This film is set around the 70's. The first 8 minutes of the opening scene shows a group of middle aged and older men having a conversation in a cafe. After this they all leave the cafe together, as the music starts we see them all walking down a back street (the majority wearing black suits and sunglasses). They walk down the street in slow motion with some 70's blues kind of music in the background. After we see them as a group, the music carries on playing as a character motive introduces each character seperately. Below is some pictures showing this:

Picture 14 Picture 15 

Overall, I feel that this is a good example of how music and sounds are used in crime thrillers, reasons that I think this are that the style of music gives the audience an insight to when and where the film is set, it also fits with the dress code of the group of men. Instead of the music fitting the tempo of the filming, the filming has been edited into slow motion to fit the blues music. The characters are also introduced slowly to fit the soundtrack. The soundtrack does not last long, however it manages to serve its purpose of introducing the characters and the plot, and giving the audience an insight of what may happen later on in the film.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Top 10 Filming Tips

  1. Keep the camera steady.
  2. Don't leave tripod in shot.
  3. Plan shots before filming.
  4. Make sure everything you want captured is in the shot.
  5. Make sure shot is in focus.
  6. Make sure filming location is safe.
  7. Ensure that lighting is correct (fully visible, not too bright and not too dark)
  8. Continuity.
  9. Repetition of shots to ensure the best outcome .
  10. Leave time before and after shots to make editing easier.
These are our top 10 filming tips which we will aim to follow during our filming.

Target Audience

The target audience in which we are aiming for would be 15 +. Although this is an extremely wide audience to try and aim for, we believe that the movie cannot appeal to just certain ages, but to thriller film lover's in general. This is therefore why we have made the target audience (ages) as varied as it is.
Although the film could be said to be mostly male orienated we are aiming for both male and females. For much the same reason as above, that thriller enjoyers cannt be classified to sex's, but also because while males might enjoy the violent edge the thriller contains, a female might enjoy the complexity of the opening, such as the non-linear structure and the mixed parallel shot editing use.

Existing films which our target audience would be along the lines of 'criminal minds'. These sort of thrillers are such that contain violence, without actually showing any typical gore, and have sophisticated scenes showing how crimes are worked out.

To engage the audience we will try and create dramatic tension. To create this tension, we are firstly incorporating a non-linear structure. We are showing the end of the film at the start, therefore this mix up should engage our audience straight away as they will be eager to find out how the ending has been built up. Also by using parallel shooting between a POV shot and a CCTV image, we will ingage the audience by building tension through this, and therefore not boring our audience.

Monday, 7 February 2011

analysis of Action thriller

- Different countries, very conventional
- Hero and villains
-  jumpy
- dramatic
- predictable, follows conventions

Analysis of a crime thriller

- Tension built by using flashbacks and omnius music
- mysterious background of characters
- confusing, in depth plot
- criminals and villains and heroes - binary opposites
- Protagonists needs to be drawn into the mystery and at some point be in danger

Call Sheet

Filming commenses Monday the 14th of February-at around 5pm
A list of participators is found below:
-George Glover
-Martin Lively
-Dan Infield-Solar
-Tyler Martin

-The filming will mainly take place on Kings Parade and Trumpington St, in Cambridge
-Much of our film is planned to be set in an underground tunnel adjacent to these streets

-Casual Clothing for normal teenage boys
-Murderer wearing tatty clothing and has an unshaven face

-Camera needs to be arranged for borrowing on the specific date
-Knife of some kind needs to be bought in-Fake

Tips to successful filming

  1. script writing 
  2. walk through
  3. location Recce
  4. Digital storyboard
  5. shot list
  6. test shots
  7. shooting schedule

Reflection on childrens film

  1. We used a wide range of camera shots to engage the viewer
  2. The music effects went well with the atmosphere ofthe opening scene
  3. The editing was done effectively to make the opening scene look smart and professional

  1. Camera shots were unsteady
  2. A tripod was left in the background (we need to observe the area more carefully and make sure it is suitable to start filming)
  3. We were wearing different clothes on different days of filming (we need to have a plan of what costumes we will use and be consistent on following the original plan)

Friday, 4 February 2011


-Point of view of murderer seeing dead body
Point of view/Hand held
-Long Shot from a far distance
Long shot/Use of tripod
-Walking slowly towards the body
Tracking shot
-Zooming in from the long shot to represent getting closer to the body
Zoom/Long shot 
-Flicking to a CCTV shot
High angle
-CCTV shot from above, High Angle shot
High angle
-Flicking between both of these shots for 30 secs MAX
High angle/P.O.V/Hand held
-Then flick to 30 min previous (before murder)
Range of shots - High angle/Long shot/P.O.V/Hand held
-3 friends (played by us) saying goodbye to one another
Mid-Long shot
-POV shot from murdered showing he is about to stalk one of us
P.O.V/Hand held

Repeat in Detail through flashback and repeats -

-CCTV shot of murderer gaining on the victim
High angle/
-Switching from POV shot to CCTV shot continuously to create tension
 High angle/P.O.V/Hand held
-High angle shot of murderer over body of the victim
High angle from murderer/Low angle from body
-Zoom shot, switching between CCTV and POV of dead body
-Flash back of the murderer previously stalking the victim and his friends throughout the day
All previous shots used

Story board and shot ideas

Possible Health and Safety Concerns

Throughout our filming process we will have to be cautious of various health and safety issues that could potentially affect us, or our filming.

As we are filming in town, possible issues could be as follows;

Traffic/ Cyclists- Moving vehicles or bikes could pass by as we are filming or moving around location, therefore we must be aware to look after equipment carefully and also ourselves.
Passers By- Civilians walking past or through out filming may have issues toward being filmed, or suspect that they are being filmed and this could lead to a conflict.
Dangerous Items- As we are filming in a town alley way, this could be location to various illegal acts such as drug taking ECT, so we would have to be aware to check our location to ensure all is clear.
Thieves- We will be walking around with expensive equipment which could attract attention from the wrong kinds of people.
Personal Well Being- Staying together at all times as we are filming at night time in a big city
Transport- Ensuring we all have appropriate and reliable methods of getting home safely.

We will be aware of all of the previous whilst filming to ensure we and the equipment remain safe at all times whilst filming our thriller.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Dates That We Are Filming.

We are planning to do a practise shoot and a loactaion recce on Monday 7th Feb. We will shoot the rest after we have looked back on our work from Monday. We will be taking a digital camera as well as a video camera so that we can take some photographs of the surrounding area. We will also be taking notes of things that we notice. This way we can find problems and solutions for the place that we will be filming.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Preperation Tasks Left To Complete-

  • Shot List - A list of shots in an order that we are planning on using. These could be phtographs taken at the scene that we have chosen to use, either this or drawings of individual ideas.
  • Story Board - drawings/photographs of shots that we are intending on using. These will involve foreground, mid-ground and background ideas and what will be happening in this frame. (Mis-en-scene)
  • Practice shots - If we have time we may go to the chosen location and take some practice shots to get use to the equipment and the scene.
  • Scene Recce - Someone in our group will have to go to the scene not long before we shoot, in order to find problems/solutions, make notes and take photo's.
  • Final Script - What will be happening, speech, mis-en-scene, time, length of shot etc.

Friday, 28 January 2011

THriller pitch questions

Why did we pick to shoot through murderers POV?

Are we going to film ourselves as actors or our friends?

DOes the opening sound more like a horror?

Do we know why the person is being murdered

How will we make the chase interesting?

How long will we approx take to film the whole 2 minute sequence?

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Film title - 'Through my Eyes'

we have named our film 'Through my Eyes' because the scenes will be captured with point of view shots as it is in the eyes of the murderer.
it will be a small and simple, eerie font size possibly red to indicate blood.

10 second breakdown of the 2 minutes

1st 10 seconds:

- Victim saying goodbye to his friends after a day out. He starts to walk alone.

2nd 10 seconds:

- Boy being followed down a back alley using a point of view shot of the murderer.

3rd 10 seconds:

- The boy begins to get paranoid and speeds up, it is then clear that he is being followed. We only see short clips of the murderer as he is a mysterious figure.

4th, 5th and 6th 10 seconds:

- These will all link together to be a chase/murder scene.

7th, 8th and 9th 10 seconds:

- Cliff hanger of who the murder is, and him filming the body.

910th , 11th, 12th 10 seconds:

-The boys find the body and using parallel filming we will show them looking for the murderer whilst the murderer also searched for them.

Mood board

This is our mood board. To create this we have collected several images that have influenced certain character or scenarios that we would like to include.

Mise-en-scene of our thriller

  • Knife for the murder
  • Camera
  • Tripod
Friends -
  • Casual, normal
  • Clean ,well dressed 
  • seen from behind, long jacket
  • hat
  • dirty
  • Drained colour slightly
  • Darkish
  • Set in the daytime
  • Natural lighting
  • Slightly drained-black and white 
  • Industrial colours-drained
  • Industrial setting to cover up the murder
  • To match colours and lighting
  • To show the normality of the origanal equilibrium  

Basic Narrative of our Thriller Opening

- Opening scene of boy being stalked by an unknown actor.
- The boy is alone, tension gradually builds up.
- The murder will be taken on a video by a mysterious character by using a point of view shot of him filming.
- CCTV shots of murder
- murderer/filmer never revealed or shown throughout movie.
- Using parallel filming, we will build up a dramatic tension in the opening sequence of the friends and murderer becoming closer in the set.
- This will be a good finish to the opening due to the use of a tens cliff hanger.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Location Research

We would locate our film in Cambridge city as there are a large variety of places to film such as parks, back streets, and main roads
We will focus on filming the majority of out thriller on Trumpington st as there is an underground, dark alley way/path where we can filmthe spooky parts of the opening.
We will also film in springfield terrece off chesterton road as there is also an alley way where we can shoot some good shots.
Another place for filming could be in the center of town near the market square as there are some old school, quiet and atmospheric places with lots of space to film.

Our Thriller Classification

12-Discriminatory behaviour is unlikely unless clearly condemmed
    -Drugs will rarely be used without being condemmed
    -Moderate threat may be used
    -Nudity is allowed, although sexual content must be brief and discrete
15-No discriminatory language or behaviour
    -Srong horror threat is allowed
    -Violence may be strong but should not dwell on detail
18-where the material is in breach of the criminal law, or has been created through the commission of a criminal offence

-Our thriller will be classified as a 18- due to the murder scene, violence and gore.

Ideas/Outline For A Plot.

Our thriller will be set in and around Cambridge as this is a central point for us all to meet. This is also quite a large place, therefore our options for filming are vast. Due to the fact that we have chosen crime as our sub-genre we will base our thriller on a mysterious murder.
Basic ideas:
-Murder/crime scene at the start
-Investigation begins
-Characters introduced
-Dark setting-industrial
-Group of mates investigating their mates murder
-Go brutal on the killer
-Opening clip would introduce the boys and show them looking for the killer without the police knowing.

Our logo

For out thriller logo we decided to create a logo that represented various possible conventions of a thriller. For instance we picked the colours that we have used to represent different events that could appear in a thriller; for instance dark colours to show an evil character or event  causing problems.
We have made the tear stand strong in the fore ground,  representing issues of conflict, sadness and other negitive events that often occur throughout various thrillers.
Making the eye a strong blue green colour stands for the hope that characters often possess. this could be hope to find a missing person, solve a recent crime or over come traumatizing issues. Connotations of what blue and green stand for are rife, so this is why we picked these colours to represent their meanings.
The dark background was mainly to make our image stand out, but also to represent the dark and mysterious events that take place in thrillers.

Sub-Genre Decision.

After researching a number of varied Thriller films, we have come to the conclusion that before we think of our title we will had to decide what sub-genre we are going to use and also the plot. After discussing the possibilities in a group we came to the conclusion that we are going to use 'crime' as our sub-genre. We chose this due to the fact that we feel that after the preliminary task and our research this sub-genre would suit our style of work best. Below are some examples of 'Crime Thrillers' that we may base our work on.

Resevoir Dogs (1992) -


The Departed (1995) -

No Country For Old Men (2007) -

The three films listed above all have different story lines. However, all of the story lines are based around crime. We may use some ideas from these thrillers to help us make ours. Typical conventions used in these films are; investigation, murder, mystery, the unknown, protagonists and antagonists, flashbacks, twisted narrative and a confusing plot.

Friday, 21 January 2011


Sky Movies Crime and Thriller Ident.

This ident portrays crime and thriller through sound and image. The following ways that it does this are as follows:

- Police siren sounds.
- Increasing volume in music.
- Increasing tempo music.
- Red, black and blue colours - contrast between bright and dark colours portray excitement and danger.
- Moving images start slow and increase in speed. Creating dramatic tension up until the police sirens at the end.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Student Video


We have alanysed the Thriller Opening Video; Negative

  • Holding a Shot Steady:
All of the shots were very clear and help with no movement to confuse the audince. Possibly shot with a constant tripod, if not then hand held camera was extremely still.

  • Framing a Shot Including& Excluding Elements
The framing of the shots was used very appropriatel, for instance the close up frame of the Pearly eyering that fell, excluding all other props 
  • Variety of Shot Distances
There wasnt an amazing amount of variation between shot distances, but i found this appropriate to the opening as it suited the events much more
  • Shooting Material Appropriate to the Task
Appropriate material was selected such as the use of a camera room, which obviously goes hand in hand with negative images

  • Selecting the Mise-En-Scene 
Location and lighting was appropriate, generally mise-en-scene suited well.

  • Editing So that Meaning Is Aparent
Editing such as using a reverse of what has happened, but making the audio negative therefore complies with the title which makes the events apparent 

  • Using Varied Shot Transitions and Effects
The negative effects suited what was happening, as the title was 'negative' so this suited perfectly

  • Using Sound With Images
The sound provided was extremely wel produced and suited the opening very well, adding to the success of the opening.

  • Using Titles Appropriately 
The title was used very  well and showed clearly what it was called, as well as using interesting ways to display the title and credits

Marking Criteria for thriller Project

-60 marks for the video
-level 1 up to 23 marks
-level 2 24-35-basic
-level 3 36-47-profecient
-level 4 48-60 excellence
  • holding a shot steady where appropriate
  • Framing a shot including + excluding elements
  • Using a variety of shot distances
  • Shooting material appropiate to the task
  • Selecting mise-en-scene
  • Editing so that meaning is appropiate to viewer 
  • Using varied shot transitions + effects
  • Using sound with images
  • Using titles appropriately

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Conventions of Crime Thrillers

  • Flashbacks will be used, not nessarcerily in order
  • Music will be set to create tension and eariness
  • Binary Opposites-Protagonist and Antagonist
  • Protagonist is normally detective, with the villain being the antagonist
  • Questions will be raised, normally at the crime scene
  • Confusing with many twists in the narrative
  • One detective may be serious and well experienced, while another is inexperienced and takes his job as a joke
  • Unconventional problem solving-Detective makes it harder for himself and gets drawn in to the problems

Friday, 14 January 2011


I choose to analyse 'Sixth Sense for my pysplogical thriller. Typical conventions of this type of film, such as an un-predictable plot, dimensions being crossed, clever and generally thriling events that help to grip and engage us as an audience giving us a memerable viewing experience, are what makes the film a psyocological thriller. The plot is closely linked with horror, exploring the super natural side of imagination. Deaing with ghosts or spirits is ofte a topic a horror film would expand upon, however in the film ghosts are used to explain a childs struggle and power, and also a mans realisation of his life. The film perhaps makes us think more, instead of displaying gore or violence, which is also why this film is a pysocologcal thriller.

Throughout the film a twisted and surpirsing plot is followed, as a Shink type councilor ( Bruce Willis) aims to build a relationship with, and subsequently comort and help a young boys frightening gift/curse- seeng dead peole. However after a long and un-revealing wait, we come to realise that Willis himself, is actually dead and therfore has been communicating is spirit form to the child. This is a typical convention of a psycological thriller, using a totally un-predictable plot to lead the audience intoa totally different direction with their trail of thoughts, before showing the truth.
The continous cross between the norm, and the supernatural world is aso another conention makig this film a thriller. The constant cross can make us emphazise, and resent th ghosts, toying withour emotions.
Finally, like in most over pyslogical thiller, there is no real hero. Except, all main chracters coming to terms with the issues, and trying to perse a path to combatting them. This is yet another convention included throughout the film that makes it a pyscological thriller

Questions about 'Taken'

A- From the clip build ideas on what yuo think the conventions of this sub-genre are.

Answer - The sub-genre of this film is an action thriller. We can tell this by the lay out of the film from the very start. The film starts at equilibrium. It is a birthday of a young girl and there is no threat of danger. However, after not far into the film the audience gets a hint of a breakdown in equilibrium. Due to the fact that we find out that her father is an ex government secret worker. When the young girl is on holiday with her friend only by going behind her fathers back the audience is sure that something will go wrong. Not long after this the girl is kidnapped by some immagrants. Her father is on the phone to her whilst this happens. Just as we finished watching the clip her father said he would go to France from America to find them, due to the fact that i have previously watched this film i know ytat this is where the action begins.

B- The characters that are introduced are: Brian, Kim, Lennie, Amanda and Peter.
We learn alot about Brian in the opening to the film although his character seems sectretive about his work, we know he worked as security for the government and 'stopping bad things from happening'. It would appear that he has a hidden past as his daughter Kim is fairly reluctent to spend time with him alone or stay over his house.
We see that his daughter Kim seems fairly scared of telling her father much about her and tries to live a lie while around him, saying she is into museums and arts. We also see that she is looking to find out more about her dad and about his private life.
Brians ex wife; Lennie seems to dislike Brian as he didnt spend very much time with Kim as she was growing up because of work. However, she allows him to try and re-build a relationship with his daughter which shows she is a well minded character.

C-The filming and editing techniques used throughout the film help to generate tension and excitement. Certain camera angles display status and power, these are important as in typical thriller we see the more powerful figures dominate ,  using low angle shots to give Brian a powerful ora. Also, by using a close up of a potential kidnapper, and then a high angle shot of him looking vunerable as he is beaten just adds to his power.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Psychological thriller - Donnie Darko

  • Donnie Darko follows an unusual and clever plot which engages the audience and makes them think/question reality
  • It doesn't follow the usual plot of an action film and is very unpredictable
  • It follows a dark theme however not revolved around horror
  • The hero of the film is not a character, but the main characters psychological hallucinations 
  • There are 2 different dimensions which are constantly crossed throughout the film, confusing the viewers.
  • Danger in the film is always on a mental level as a pose to physical.
  • There is no clear ending making the film mysterious and open to interpretation.

Politcal Thriller-Blood Diamond

 Blood Diamond is a typical Political thriller as in just the opening 5 minutes we see action and mass murder. This film grasps the audience from the start by using an exillerating chase.

We also see political weakness as a small illegal party are taking over by using violence. As an American based film the audience are shown another culture. The film is based in an African country, educating the audience on different countries and cultural backgrounds. We are shown a plot by an illegal party trying to gain political power in the form of force and violence. Innocent people are dragged into the plot and injured/killed in the process.

Overall, Blood Diamond use a number of typical conventions for the specific sub genre of a 'political thriller' in order to keep the audience interested and grasped into the film.

Conventions of Psychological thrillers

  • Clever and unusual plots making the audience think in depth, often back to front by using flashbacks avoiding the typical structure of films. (Such as action) Twists used at the end to make the audience doubt themselves 
  • often end on a cliffhanger , not always a resolution 
  • question reality
  • unusual heros, different from most films where hero is stereotypically big, strong, handsome etc..
  • unusual dark themes
  • focus on one psychological dimension
  • typical narrative structure not used
  • parallel edits, use of flashbacks
  • characters in conflict with their own mind due to psychologically related problems/handicaps
  • 2 characters preying on each others minds
  • Danger is on a mental level rather than physical
  • Mysterious

Conventions of Political Thrillers

  • Threat set against a back drop of a political struggle
  • Plot is designed to give political to someone while the opponent tries to prevent them from getting it
  • Innocent people drawn into political world
  • Proving innocence 
  • Different locations
  • Different cultures/countries
  • Deceit
  • False hero
  • 'Helper' characters

Monday, 10 January 2011

Differences Between Horror and Thriller

Differences between Horror and Thrillers are;
A thriller is a more psychological based plot where as horror tends to be more violent, physical and gory.
Thrillers build up tensions to reveal a dramatic ending
Horror is tense and violent all the way through
Thrillers focus on solving crimes or catching criminals
Horror mainly focus's on violent and gore

 Psychological Thriller


Thriller Project

Thriller Project

Planning + research goes directly onto the blog.
Include images and clips. Also there should be more posts on this project than previously. 
Tag+ title, use terminology. 
Marked out of 20, in order to get top marks get 16 or above. 
Use our blog as  a diary, record progress, ideas and filming. 
Opening sequence must be 2 minutes long. We are expected to make the music for the thriller.
Add decorative titles that suit the plot or story line. 


  • No swearing
  • No kids
  • No weapons in a public place
  • No over used narratives
  • Be considerable to others if filming on site
  • No filming on the roof
  • Allowed to take the camera out for 2 evenings

Friday, 7 January 2011

Preliminary task

1- Establishing Shot
(George) Walking down the corridor towards the refectory door to open it.
Location: Toilets near refectory entrance

2- Close Up
Close up of George's hand opening refectory door
Location: Door that leads into refectory

3- Match on Action
Here we see George on the other side of the door walking through it
Location: Walking into the refectory

4- Reaction Shot
Dan sitting on a table in the refectory reacting to George's entrance
Location: Table in the refectory

5-Long Shot
Long shot of George and Dans greeting
Location: Table in the refectory

6- Shot reverse shot (Filming a conversation)
Shot reverse shot of Dans+ George's brief
Location: Table in the refectory

Preliminary Task


We managed to make our plenimary task in a short period of time. Due to previous camera work experiences in camera work throughout Media Studies, we managed to work with the equipment better. We organised ourself into certain roles (actors, camera man, and editor). This helped us to finish the task quickly. Overall, we are ver pleased with the final piece and feel that we have improved since the last pleminary task. This pleminary task is preparation for out Thriller Opening Sequence coursework task.